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Owning a swimming pool is a delight, but maintaining it requires expertise and dedication. Regular swimming pool check-ups and troubleshooting are key to ensuring that your pool remains a source of enjoyment and relaxation.

Each pool, with its unique features and components, is a complex system where everything must work together harmoniously. When neglected, minor glitches can quickly become significant issues, disrupting your enjoyment and leading to costly repairs.

Pool Check Up

Regular check-ups help us catch and fix these minor issues before they escalate. They also contribute to extending the life of your pool by preventing undue wear and tear.

We understand that pool maintenance can sometimes feel like a heavy load, especially when balancing the cost and time it demands. With this in mind, we are excited to announce a special promotion tailored for pool owners who want top-notch quality service without stretching their budget.

We are offering a $50 discount on our all-encompassing pool check-up and troubleshooting service. Instead of the regular price of $199, you can now avail of our premium service for just $149.

It’s our way of saying ‘Thank You’ to our esteemed customers for choosing Romanelli & Son Pool Service and trusting us with caring for your swimming pool.

Overview of the Troubleshooting Visit

Our troubleshooting visit is different from your average check-up. It is meticulously designed by our pool experts to cover a wide range of services that ensure your pool remains in peak condition.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Procedure

The first stage of our troubleshooting visit centers on intensive cleaning procedures, which are pivotal for maintaining the integrity and performance of your pool system.

A. Cleaning Procedures

1. Removal and Cleaning of Pump Strainer Baskets

As the heart of your pool system, the pump is crucial to maintain good working order.

Pump Strainer Basket

Over time, strainer baskets accumulate debris, leading to inefficient water circulation and added strain on the pump.

We begin our visit by meticulously removing and thoroughly cleaning the pump strainer baskets to tackle this. This helps prevent premature pump failure and maintains an efficient, healthy circulation system.

2. Backwashing Sand and Recharging DE Filters

Filters are your pool’s primary defense against murky water and unwanted particulates. To keep them functioning at their peak, specific maintenance procedures are required.

For sand filters, we perform backwashing. This process involves reversing the water flow to flush out the debris trapped in the filter.

For DE filters, we undertake a ‘recharge’ process. This means we add fresh diatomaceous earth to the system, which acts like a sponge to trap even more dirt and debris.

Both these procedures ensure your filters can continue to do their vital job of keeping your pool water crystal clear and healthy.

B. Inspection and Maintenance

1. Inspection of Cartridge Filters

We will thoroughly inspect the cartridge filters.

Over time, these filters can become clogged with debris, impairing their ability to properly filter your pool water.

We determine whether a thorough cleaning or a full replacement is necessary depending on the filter’s condition.

Ensuring that your filters function optimally is crucial to maintaining a healthy and clear pool.

2. Checking All Gaskets

Next, we check the integrity of all gaskets, including the lid gasket and union o-rings.

Pool Gaskets

These often overlooked components are essential to maintaining a strong seal and preventing leaks in your pool’s circulation system.

Damaged or worn gaskets can lead to inefficiencies and more significant issues. We carefully inspect all gaskets for signs of wear and tear to ensure they’re in peak condition.

3. Valve and Pump Drain Plug Inspection

Valves and pump drain plugs are integral parts of your pool system. We systematically examine these parts for any potential issues.

Valves are checked for gasket/o-ring issues, and pump drain plugs are examined for tightness and gasket conditions.

Ensuring these parts are in good order aids in maintaining an effective circulation system and reducing the chances of unforeseen issues.

4. Replacement and Repair of Components

If, during our inspection, we discover any faulty gaskets, o-rings, or valves, we take immediate action to repair or replace these components.

Timely replacement or repair is critical to prevent further issues, including water leakage and damage to other parts of the pool system.

By addressing these minor issues promptly, we save you from potential major repairs and costs down the line.

C. Water Testing and Treatment

Pool water chemistry is a complex subject. But, it is equally crucial for the swimmers’ comfort and longevity of your pool equipment.

1. Testing and Adjusting Pool Water Balance

Maintaining the right chemical balance in your pool is paramount for several reasons.


Balanced water is more comfortable for swimmers and maximizes the effectiveness of your sanitizers, helping to keep your pool free from harmful bacteria and algae.

Additionally, it prevents damage to your pool surfaces and equipment.

We ensure that your pool’s pH is kept between 7.4 and 7.8 and Total Alkalinity is maintained at 100 – 150 ppm.

Regular testing and adjusting of these parameters form a cornerstone of our troubleshooting visit.

2. Shock Treatment using Liquid Shock

Over time, organic pollutants such as bacteria, algae, sweat, and lotions can build up in your pool water.

Shock treatment is a highly effective way to eradicate these contaminants, restore water clarity, and boost your sanitizer’s effectiveness.


We use a high-quality liquid shock for this process, offering a fast and efficient way to ‘shock’ your pool back to health.

By ensuring your pool water is correctly balanced and treated, we safeguard the health of your pool and all those who enjoy it.

D. Inspection of the Return Side of the System

This is the part of the system where the water returns to your pool after being filtered and treated.

Proper maintenance and inspection of this side of the system are critical to ensure efficient operation and to prevent issues that can compromise the quality of your pool.

1. Inspection for Water Leakage

One of the key steps we undertake is inspecting the return side of the system for any signs of water leakage. Water leaks result in water loss and can lead to more significant problems, like structural damage and increased water bills.

Our team uses their trained eyes and years of experience to spot any subtle signs of leakage that may otherwise go unnoticed.

2. Checking All Joints/Unions for Leaks

Each joint or union in your pool’s plumbing system is a potential point for leakage.

We closely inspect each one to ensure they are watertight and functioning as they should.

We understand that the smallest things can often cause the biggest problems, and we leave no stone unturned in our inspections.

3. Plumbing Repair and Replacement

Once we identify any issues during our inspection, such as leaks or damaged joints, we immediately repair or replace the plumbing.

Prompt attention to these issues is crucial to prevent further damage and ensure the efficient operation of your pool system.

Whether it’s a minor repair or a more significant replacement, our goal is to ensure the integrity and longevity of your pool system.

Additional Services

System Upgrade Recommendations

One of the valuable add-ons of our service is our expert recommendations on system upgrades.

While our troubleshooting visit is designed to optimize your existing system, a system upgrade can sometimes offer significant benefits.

Upgrades such as replumbing, installing larger filters, or incorporating variable-speed pumps can increase your pool’s efficiency, reduce operational costs, and prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

Our experienced team will evaluate your current setup and provide personalized recommendations to further enhance your pool’s performance.

Repair Materials on Invoice

Transparency is one of our core values. We believe in keeping you informed about all the aspects of our services, including costs.

If, during our visit, we identify the need for any repairs that require additional materials, we will communicate this with you.

The cost of these materials will be added to your invoice, ensuring there are no hidden charges or unexpected costs.

We aim to provide a thorough service, restoring your pool system to optimal condition.

Importance of Troubleshooting Before Pressure Testing

We insist on performing our comprehensive troubleshooting service before any pressure testing of the system.

Pressure testing is a critical procedure to identify leaks within your pool’s plumbing system.

While it’s an invaluable procedure, performing this test without prior troubleshooting can lead to misleading results or potential damage.

Before we put your system under the stress of a pressure test, we want to ensure that all components are in good working order.

During our troubleshooting visit, we inspect and repair various aspects of your pool system, from cleaning pump strainer baskets to checking valves for gasket/o-ring issues and inspecting for water leakage.

This comprehensive check and maintenance service ensures that your pool system is in the best possible condition before we proceed with pressure testing.

By undertaking troubleshooting visits before pressure testing, we ensure the test results’ accuracy and protect your pool system from potential damage.


A thorough pool check-up and troubleshooting visit are more than just routine services – they’re investments in the longevity and efficiency of your pool system.

As mentioned earlier, we are offering a limited-time discount of $50 on our comprehensive troubleshooting visit, so we encourage you to book a troubleshooting visit for your pool.

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