Long Island Pool Openings & Spring Start-Up Services

Paul Romanelli & Son Pool Service offers the highest quality pool opening and pool start-up service at an affordable price, all while being the most open, communicative, and transparent pool service company out there.

If you're looking for effortless appointment scheduling and up-front pricing, the search for your perfect pool service ends here.

Our highly skilled swimming pool technicians use time-tested techniques to get your pool up and running efficiently right from the start, so you can start enjoying it faster than you ever thought possible.

You're guaranteed a solid swimming pool start-up with us, so if you're not 100% satisfied with any aspect of our service, we'll return free of charge until you are.


  • Remove and store pool cover (tarp and safety covers)
  • Remove and store all winter plugs on suction and return lines
  • Re-install, prime, start and test filtration system for leaks or other issues (pool MUST be filled to mid-skimmer level)
  • Re-attach ladders, handrails, diving board and other deck accessories
  • Initial chlorine shock treatment
  • Test water chemistry and recommend chemical dosages to correct imbalances (chemicals sold separately)

IMPORTANT: Solid pool covers must be reasonably dry and free of debris prior to the technician’s arrival. Please text us a photo of your pool a few days before your opening appointment if you're unable to clear your cover and we can provide assistance for an additional charge.

Please make sure there's running water in the yard, your pool is filled to the normal operating level (mid-skimmer), and there's power to the pool equipment so we can start up and test the filtration system and other accessories such as heaters, heat pumps, and pool sanitization & automation systems. Follow-up visits are subject to a $59 charge.


  • Above ground steps installation (in pool or over wall) – $15
  • Oversized pool opening (pool larger than 18'x36') - $30
  • Empty and store water tubes used on solid tarp covers - $25
  • Rinse off pool cover before storage - $25 (above 20x40 is subject to higher price)
  • Summerize gas or propane heater or additional pumps (waterfall, automatic cleaner, etc.) – $30 per item
  • Chemical treatment to balance water (alkalinity, calcium hardness, pH, etc.) - $30 to $70 for basic alkalinity and hardness adjustments
  • Spa start-up service (attached or spillover only) - $79
  • Safety cover with cable attachment - $30
  • Algaecide to help clear up algae issues - $22
  • Inground DE or cartridge filter cleaning - $59
  • Above ground DE or cartridge filter cleaning - $29
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IMPORTANT: Repairs are not included in the pool opening price; plumbing leaks, equipment & parts replacement, and other issues will be fixed as a separate work order. Same-day fixes are possible, but dependant on time & parts availability.