Long Island Pool Closings & Winterization Services

We’ve Got You Covered! Paul Romanelli and Son Pool Service offers the highest quality pool closing and pool winterization service at an affordable price, all while placing the customer at the forefront of everything we do. Our Long Island swimming pool technicians have the knowledge and experience to employ a number of preventative measures at the time of closing, so you can enjoy your pool as soon as the cover comes off next season. Check out this year’s pool closing specials and finish off the pool season right – with a worry and hassle-free pool service experience.


  • Winterization of filter and pool pump
  • Disconnect and store one pool pump
  • Blow out, add antifreeze, and plug suction and return lines
  • Add 1-2 gallons of winterizing chemicals (varies with pool size)
  • Removal and storage (if available) of ladders, handrails, and other deck accessories
  • Install safety pool cover- up to 18 x 36 ft (pool size)

IMPORTANT: We do not remove and store diving boards. If you're interested in a winter cover for your diving board, we will have them available for purchase with your closing.


  • Pool covers all shapes & sizes, standard tarp (w/water tubes) or Loop-Loc safety cover – Please contact us at least one month before appt.
  • Arrange and fill water tubes on solid tarp covers - $30
  • Install over-sized pool cover (over 18 x 36) – $30
  • Attach cover to raised pool wall or waterfall (over 3 ft long) with cable attachment - $35 (starting)
  • Winterize extra pumps (automatic pool cleaners, waterfalls, etc.) - uninstall pump, blow out line, add antifreeze) – $30 per pump
  • Winterize heater – $30
  • Remove above ground pool steps – $15
  • Extra quart of winter algaecide (for mesh covers) – $22
  • Replace plugs for returns – $3 each
  • Replace plugs for skimmers - $15 each
  • Replace water bags (8 ft, 20 guage) - $9 each
  • Cover pump (Little Giant manual) – $169
  • Cover pump (Little Giant automatic) - $260