Swimming Pool Repair Throughout Long Island

Our Long Island pool repair technicians are skilled and extremely well trained. With years of experience behind us, we get to the heart of your pool repair problems in no time.

We install, service, and repair all major brands including: Hayward, Pentair, Jandy, Auto Pilot, Sta Rite, Loop-Loc, Endless Pools and more.

We give clear explanations and alternative repair solutions so you’ll be able to make the right decisions that are best for you and your pool. Let us bring your pool or spa back to health today — just click the button below to book a visit, or call/text us at 631-472-6275.

Common Repairs Needed

  • Multiport Valve - Needs repair if you see leaking, or if water comes out of the waste line when the valve is not in the backwash position. Dirt returning back to the pool? Could definitely be a multiport issue.
  • Pool Pump Motor - Pump getting old? Making a lot of noise? Tripping your circuit breaker? Motor keeps turning off? Pump keeps losing suction? All signs that it's time for a motor replacement.
  • Filter Element - Sand/Dirt/DE returning to the pool could mean it's time to replace your filter internals. If you haven't replaced these elements in awhile, it is probably needed soon!
  • Chlorinator - If your chlorine tabs are not dissolving, or if you are getting water leaking out of the top of your chlorinator, it is probably time for a repair or replacement. Reach out and we will take care of you.
  • System Re-plumbing - Does the piping of your pool system look like a complex weave of pipes going all over the place!? Let us clean up your plumbing and get your pool running simply and effectively.
  • Heater Without a Check Valve - If you have a pool heater without a check valve, you are asking for trouble! Have us come install one of these valves to stop premature corrosion of your expensive pool heater.
  • Salt Cell - Getting a warning light on your power center? Maybe a check salt message? High voltage readings or irregular amperage? Perhaps you're not getting any chlorine production...all signs that it could be time to replace your salt cell.
  • Pool Heater - If your pool heater won't ignite, turns on or off, does not produce enough heat, or is making unusual noises - Book a visit with us to come take care of the problem for you. End that freezing pool water once and for all!
  • Pool Cover - If your pool cover is old, brittle, has holes in it, or is showing other obvious signs that it is no longer doing its job, then reach out to us today! Covers free of damage and professionally installed are essential for proper maintenance and safety.