Long Island Safety Pool Cover Installations

If you're tired of dealing with a tarp pool cover that requires maintenance and care all winter long - only to rip during heavy rain or snow - then it's time to install a safety pool cover on your pool!

No more dealing with cover pumps that burn out, unsafe standing water on your pool cover, and water tubes that are ugly and never stay filled up during the winter.

Whether you need a brand new safety pool cover installation, a replacement safety pool cover, or you've gotten a new patio around your pool and need new anchors drilled. We'll take care of it for you.

We work exclusively with Loop-Loc to get you the highest quality safety pool covers with the best fit by using their patented IMAGE-LOC pool cover photo measurement process.

Give us a call, text, or schedule a pool service visit by using the links below.


  • Before we visit your home, we'll send you a rough estimate for your replacement safety cover
  • After you approve the rough estimate, we'll come by and inspect your current safety cover for UV or other damage
  • We'll check your safety cover for a Loop-Loc order tag that will make getting a replacement quote fast and easy
  • If we find a tag, we'll send that information to Loop-Loc and work with them on a quote for a new safety cover
  • If we don't find a tag (or the cover is not made by Loop-Loc) we'll roll it up for you and take it to Loop-Loc for a replacement estimate
  • Once the quote is ready, we'll send you information on each type of cover along with pricing so you can make an informed decision on your new cover
  • Once you decide on your new safety cover, we'll collect a deposit and order the cover for you
  • We'll bring your brand new cover with us when we come to close and winterize your pool

IMPORTANT: If you choose to keep your existing cover after we pick it up and bring it to Loop-Loc for an estimate, you'll be charged a $200 cover release and drop-off fee. This is why we send you a rough estimate for your replacement safety cover before we come by to inspect your existing safety cover. :)


  • We'll come by and professionally measure your pool for your new safety pool cover
  • We'll evaluate the area around your pool to determine the best anchors for your patio type
  • If the pool is freeform or has any special features (e.g. waterfall, raised wall, slide, spillover spa, etc.) we'll take photo measurements of your pool for the perfect fit
  • We use the IMAGE-LOC photo measurement process by Loop-Loc to get the best fitting safety pool cover for your pool
  • The process takes about 1-2 hours, depending on pool features and size
  • While we're there, feel free to ask any questions about the best safety pool cover type for your pool - we love to give advice!
  • After all of the photos are taken, we'll submit the photos to Loop-Loc and they'll get back to us with a quote in 3-5 business days
  • Once we get the quote from Loop-Loc, we'll send you all of the safety pool cover options and pricing for your pool
  • After you've chosen a new pool cover, we'll collect a deposit and order your brand new safety pool cover
  • Custom covers take 2-3 weeks to manufacture on average, stock-sized covers are available immediately
  • Once it's ready, we'll pick up your brand new Loop-Loc safety cover and bring it with us for your cover installation and pool closing service

IMPORTANT: The $150 pool measurement charge will be collected after we perform your pool cover measurement service. If you choose to proceed with the cover installation, we'll apply the $150 charge as a credit when we complete the installation and pool closing service.