Filthy Pool in Long Island? We'll Power Vacuum it!

The first few times you have to vacuum your pool at the start of the season can be a dirty job – literally. It’s difficult and time consuming because you’re using your pool’s filtration system to pick up an overload of leaves and other debris that may have settled during the winter. Most of the time it’s too much for your system to handle, leaving your filter performing poorly if not properly backwashed.


  • Water chemistry testing by an expert maintenance technician
  • Addition of shock or algaecide if needed (sold separately)
  • Removal of large debris in pool
  • Complete power vacuuming of pool floor, walls, and steps
  • We use our own, freestanding filter/pump to bypass your filter system
  • Removal of debris from skimmer and pump baskets

IMPORTANT: IMPORTANT: In order for our technicians to give you the best possible power vacuuming results, the pool water must be reasonably clear and the pool bottom should be completely visible, even on the deep end of your pool, before we arrive to complete the job.

Expert Pool Maintenance Services

At Paul Romanelli & Son Pool Service we say forget the hassle and let our experienced maintenance technicians take care of your dirtiest jobs.

With our standalone power vacuuming equipment, we bypass your filter completely and are able to get your pool sparkling clean in a fraction of the time. This service will not only allow you to start swimming sooner, but will also relieve unnecessary stress put on your own equipment at the start of the pool season – giving you peace mind.

The time it takes to clean a pool varies with the amount of debris removal needed, but a typical 16×32 in-ground pool takes about 1.5 hours on average.