Endless Pools Installation & Repair in Long Island

Paul Romanelli & Son Pool Service is the only authorized installer of Endless Pools® products on Long Island. Since contracting with Endless Pools, we have completed over 100 Endless Pool® installations, placing customer satisfaction as our utmost concern. Not only are we devoted to giving you the most professional installation possible, we also aim to tailor the job to your specific needs and create a lasting relationship. Our willingness to perform after-installation services, such as pool cleaning, pool maintenance, as well as make the necessary equipment replacements, sets us apart from other Endless Pools® installers.


  • Health & Fitness
  • Swimming & Water Exercise
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Triathlon Training
  • Family Fun
  • Pure Enjoyment

IMPORTANT: An Endless Pool® is a precision engineered swimming pool, where you swim or exercise against a smooth current that’s fully adjustable to any speed or ability.

Six Endless Pool® Types To Fit Your Taste and Budget

Endless Pools® are simple to install, easy to maintain, economical to run, fit easily in new or existing spaces indoors or outside, and are so handsome they can become a showplace in your home. The small footprint means our swimming pools use less resources, and energy than traditional pools. With six types of swimming pools to choose from you are sure to find one that suits your taste and budget.

Endless Pools® Installed in Nassau & Suffolk County Long Island

Paul Romanelli and Son Pool Service, Inc. services all of Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk counties. We have installed Endless Pools® in virtually every area of our customers’ property — from outdoor locations, such as the Montauk Point shore, to indoor locations, including a basement in New Hyde Park. In addition, we have provided our services to many high-profile clients in the Hamptons, including Academy Award winners.