Pool Filter Cleaning Time? Learn How to Clean a Pool Filter Fast

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A pool filter cleaning is essential for your pool system. If it hasn’t been cleaned in a while (we recommend at least twice a season), or it seems like water isn’t flowing as strongly as you’d like, then you’ll want to dig in below to learn what it takes to clean a pool filter. After going through the following guide that shows how to clean a pool filter, you will better understand what is involved in the process.

How Often Should You Clean Your Pool Filter?

We recommend that your pool filter be cleaned twice a season as a minimum…but really, it should be cleaned anytime it really needs a thorough cleaning. If you’ve been backwashing your filter, and the water is still remaining cloudy and not clearing up even after some chemical treatments…then we would suggest cleaning your filter next.

If your pool has been battling algae, the filter can get crammed with contaminants rather quickly. Backwashing can only get rid of so many contaminants from your filter media…at some point, the filter can become so clogged that the only remedy is a thorough filter cleaning. Read on to learn what it takes!

How to Clean a Cartridge Pool Filter – 7 Easy Steps

  1. Turn off the power to the pool system.
  2. Release pressure by turning the air relief valve.
  3. Open your filter and remove the cartridge from the tank.
  4. Inspect the cartridge for any damage such as cracks or tears.
  5. Clean the cartridge using a garden hose, a cleaner spray, or by deep soaking in a cleaning solution.
  6. Put the cartridge back into the tank and secure the lid.
  7. Turn back on the system and check for leaks.

How to Clean a Sand Filter

If you’ve attempted to backwash your sand filter, the only other thing you can try is a sand filter cleaning solution. To do this, try the following:

  1. Turn off the pump.
  2. Turn the multiport valve to “filter”.
  3. Remove the pump lid and add a sand filter cleaner into the strainer basket.
  4. Replace the pump lid and turn the pump on for about 15 seconds.
  5. Turn back off the pump and wait at least 8 hours before turning back on.

After waiting for the solution to do its’ magic, you should backwash the filter one more time by following our backwashing guide here.

That’s it! You’ve given your sand filter the best shot at cleaning itself up and running great. If your filter still isn’t filtering properly after the above steps, then it may be time for a sand change. We recommend a sand change around every 5 years…so if it’s been awhile, then be sure to book a service call with us to change your sand and get your filter working like new again.

How to Clean a DE Pool Filter – 7 Easy Steps

  1. Turn off your pump and remove your filter drain plug.
  2. Open up your air relief valve to relieve pressure to the system.
  3. Open up your filter and take out your full grid cluster assembly.
  4. Use a garden hose to spray down all the grids thoroughly.
  5. Put the filter back together using the owner’s manual.
  6. Add the proper amount of DE filter to your skimmers by referring to the owner’s manual.
  7. Run the pool at least 30 minutes to allow the DE to distribute itself evenly over the grids.

Giving your filter a thorough cleaning can really help to bring your pool filter back to life. There’s nothing worse than having a pool that you can’t swim in…so do the best you can to maintain and prolong the life of your filter by following the filter cleaning guide above.

If you’re feeling a bit uneasy about attempting to clean the internals of a filter yourself, contact us today and we would love to help you out!

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