Which Pool Maintenance Plan is Right for Me?

Jafar Dhada

If you’re a proud pool owner, you know that these beautiful, sunny days provide the perfect setting for enjoying a refreshing swim. However, with this privilege comes the responsibility of regular pool maintenance.

A well-maintained pool is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ensures safety and health for all swimmers. From ensuring proper water chemistry to keeping the pool clean and clear, regular maintenance is a necessity.

Which Maintenance Plan is Right For Me?

Neglected pools can become a breeding ground for bacteria and algae, which can be a potential health hazard and cause equipment failures, causing costly repairs down the line.

We at Romanelli & Son Pool Service understand that pool maintenance can be time-consuming and complex. That’s why we offer tailored pool maintenance plans designed to meet the needs of every Long Island pool owner.

Our three distinct plans – the Weekly Pool Maintenance Plan, the Premier Pool Maintenance Plan, and the Flex Pool Maintenance Plan – each offer unique services to cater to different pool care requirements.

Whether you’re an experienced pool owner who loves the hands-on approach or you’d rather sit back and let the professionals handle everything, we have a plan that fits your style.

Choosing the right pool maintenance plan is crucial to ensure your pool remains safe and enjoyable for family and friends. Every pool and pool owner is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach can’t work in swimming pools.

Factors such as your knowledge of pool maintenance, your pool’s specific system, its usage, and your preferences for handling chemicals all play a part in determining the most suitable plan for you.

At Romanelli & Son Pool Service, we’re committed to helping you make this important decision. We believe that with the right maintenance plan, your pool can remain a source of joy and relaxation for many years.

Top 10 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pool Maintenance Plan

It would be best to consider several factors before selecting a maintenance plan for your pool. Let’s dive deep into what you should be considering.

1. Your Knowledge of Pool Maintenance Procedures

Your level of knowledge and comfort with pool maintenance is critical when choosing the right plan. For some pool owners, maintaining their pool is an engaging hobby. They’re familiar with the routine and understand the necessary tasks, such as skimming, vacuuming, and maintaining the proper water chemistry balance.

Pool Maintenance

If you fall into this category, our Flex Pool Maintenance Plan perfectly fits you. This plan allows you to take an active role in your pool’s upkeep, providing you with professional support as needed, with no contractual obligations. You let us know when you need us to clean the pool and provide support, and we can be there weekly, bi-weekly, every three weeks, or monthly – you decide!

We’ll handle the routine maintenance tasks and test the water chemistry whenever you have us stop by, leaving you free to add chemicals as needed based on our professional recommendations.

2. The Complexity of Your Pool System

Not all pools are created equal. Some have a straightforward setup, while overs may have sophisticated features like automated cleaning systems, waterfalls, or advanced heating systems. The pool system’s complexity can significantly influence your maintenance plan choice.

Our Premier Pool Maintenance Plan can be the ideal choice for those with more intricate pool systems. We understand that complex pools require an elevated level of expertise for proper maintenance.

Complexity of Pool

The Premier plan offers comprehensive care, including providing and handling chemicals and priority scheduling, making it an excellent option for pool owners who prefer a hands-off approach. You’ll also enjoy a 10% discount on service call labor fees for any necessary repairs.

Remember, no matter how complex or simple your pool system is, Romanelli & Son Pool Service is here to help you ensure your pool is always ready for a relaxing dip or a lively pool party.

3. Your Pool Usage and Traffic

One of the joys of being a pool owner is sharing your pool with family and friends. However, it’s important to understand that pool usage and traffic significantly impact maintenance needs.

If your pool sees sporadic usage, perhaps only on weekends or during vacation, then the Flex Pool Maintenance Plan may be the ideal fit. This plan allows you to choose when you want your pool cleaned, which is perfect for when things get messy after a big pool party.

Pool Traffic

On the other hand, if your pool is a hub of activity frequently enjoyed by many, you may need more frequent and thorough maintenance. Our Premier Pool Maintenance Plan is designed to handle the demands of high-traffic pools. With priority scheduling and a comprehensive maintenance program, you can rest assured that your pool always remains clear, clean, and ready for fun.

4. Trees or Vegetation Surrounding Your Pool

The cleanliness of your pool is not just about aesthetics; it’s about the health and safety of every swimmer. The level of dirtiness in your pool can be influenced by various factors, including the surrounding environment, usage, and weather conditions.

If your pool gets dirty quickly due to high usage, nearby trees, or unpredictable weather, then our Weeky or Premier Pool Maintenance plan is the right choice.

These plans provide professional cleaning services more frequently and regularly, ensuring your pool stays sparkling clean.

Remember, a clean pool is a healthy pool. And at Romanelli & Son Pool Service, we’re committed to helping you maintain a safe and clean environment for your family and friends to enjoy.

5. Your Knowledge of Water Chemistry

A firm grasp of water chemistry is crucial for maintaining a healthy and safe pool. A proper balance of chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and other factors is needed to prevent algae and bacteria growth and ensure the water is comfortable for swimmers.


If you’re a pool owner with a solid understanding of water chemistry, our Flex Pool Maintenance Plan might be the right choice.

This plan allows you to take a more hands-on approach, where we test the water for you and provide expert guidance on what chemicals to add. This way, you can actively manage your pool’s health while having the assurance of professional oversight when needed.

6. Preference for Supplying Your Own Pool Chemicals

Handling pool chemicals is a significant part of pool maintenance, and individual preferences can greatly influence the choice of a maintenance plan. Some pool owners prefer to buy their own chemicals, while others would rather avoid dealing with them completely.

Pool Professional Mixing Chemicals

If you prefer purchasing your own chemicals, the Weekly Pool Maintenance Plan provides the flexibility you need. We’ll provide the necessary water testing and guidance, and as long as you have the proper chemicals available, we’ll add them for you. We’ll also let you know if you’re missing or running low on anything for next week.

However, if you’d rather not deal with pool chemicals at all, our Premier Pool Maintenance Plan is designed for you. We take care of all the chemical needs for your pool, from purchasing to balancing, so you can enjoy your pool without worrying about the details.

We understand that every pool owner has unique preferences and needs, and we’re dedicated to providing services that fit perfectly with your style.

7. Your Frequency of Pool Use

The frequency you use your pool is another important factor when selecting a maintenance plan. If your pool is regularly used, it will require more frequent maintenance to keep the water clean, clear, and balanced.

The Premier Pool Maintenance Plan could be the best fit for pool owners who find their pool in constant use, especially during our beautiful summers. With this plan, we handle all aspects of pool maintenance, ensuring your pool remains in top shape for you and your family to enjoy at any time.

8. Your Type of Pool Automation

Today’s pools can be equipped with various automated systems, from automatic cleaners and heaters to advanced control systems that manage water chemistry. If your pool has a high level of automation, it can influence your choice of maintenance plan.

The Premier Pool Maintenance Plan is often the best choice for those with advanced pool automation systems. With this plan, our experienced team will manage and maintain your automated systems, ensuring they operate efficiently and effectively. This way, you can enjoy the convenience of your high-tech pool without the hassle of maintenance.

9. Availability of Pool Maintenance Tools

Having the right tools can make pool maintenance much easier. If you already have a collection of pool maintenance tools, such as a vacuum hose with skimmer adapter, vacuum head, and pole; a pool brush; deep skimming net; and enjoy using them, this can influence your choice of maintenance plan for your pool.

Pool Maintenance Tools

Our Flex Pool Maintenance Plan may be a perfect match for those who already have tools and enjoy a hands-on approach to pool care. These plans provide professional support and guidance while allowing you to be involved in maintaining your pool.

At Romanelli & Son Pool Service, we’re committed to helping every pool owner find the perfect balance between professional service and personal involvement. We understand that your pool is an essential part of your home, and we’re here to help you take care of it in the best way possible.

10. Your Use of an Automatic Pool Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaners have become a popular tool for many pool owners. These handy devices can make pool maintenance significantly easier by automating the cleaning process.

If you own an automatic pool cleaner, it can influence the choice of your maintenance plan.

For those who use an automatic pool cleaner and prefer to handle some of the maintenance tasks themselves, our Flex Pool Maintenance Plan might be the perfect match. This plan provides professional assistance when you need it while allowing your automatic cleaner to do the daily work.

However, if you have an automatic pool cleaner but prefer a full-service solution, the Premier Pool Maintenance Plan is ideal. With this plan, our team will ensure your automatic cleaner is working properly and handle all other aspects of pool maintenance.

All Weekly and Premier Pool Maintenance plan members eceive a $10 discount on their weekly visits if they use an automatic pool cleaner, since it will reduce the time we’ll need to spend cleaning the pool.

Remember, while automatic pool cleaners can help maintain cleanliness, they don’t replace the need for professional maintenance services, such as water testing and chemical balancing, which are vital for your pool’s health.

Summary of Plans and Customer Needs

Your Knowledge of Pool MaintenanceNone/LowSomeHigh
Complexity of Pool SystemHigh/AdvancedMediumLow/Simple
Pool Usage and TrafficHighMediumLow/Sporadic
Pool Surrounding Trees/VegetationHighMediumLow
Your Knowledge of Water ChemistryNone/LowSomeHigh
Your Preference for Supplying Pool ChemicalsNone (Company Handles)Self-purchasedSelf-purchased
Frequency of Pool UseHigh/FrequentMediumLow/Sporadic
Type of Pool AutomationAdvancedBasicBasic/None
Pool Maintenance Tools Available to YouNone (Company provides)SomeAll
Use of an Automatic Pool CleanerYes/We manage itYes/Self-managedYes/Self-managed

As we’ve discussed, we offer three distinct pool maintenance plans at Romanelli & Son Pool Service, each designed to meet the unique needs of pool owners.

The Weekly Pool Maintenance Plan is tailored for those who prefer to purchase their own pool chemicals but still want weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services. With professional support for routine cleaning tasks and water chemistry testing and balancing, you can purchase chemicals on your own and be confident your pool is taken care of.

Our Premier Pool Maintenance Plan is designed for pool owners who prefer a comprehensive, hands-off approach. We take care of everything from regular cleaning to managing water chemistry. This plan is especially beneficial for owners of high-traffic or complex pools, providing priority scheduling and a 10% discount on service call labor fees.

The Flex Pool Maintenance Plan offers the ultimate flexibility. It’s perfect for those who mainly handle pool care but occasionally need professional assistance, especially for pools with sporadic usage or after big pool parties.

Choosing the right pool maintenance plan isn’t an on-size-fits-all decision. It’s about finding the plan that aligns with your lifestyle, pool usage, and personal preferences. Whether it’s your knowledge of pool maintenance, the complexity of your pool system, or your comfort level with handling chemicals, all these factors play a significant role in your choice.

At Romanelli & Son Pool Service, we understand the unique needs of pool owners, and we’re committed to helping you find the perfect maintenance plan for your pool.

We’re here to ensure you can enjoy your pool to the fullest, with the peace of mind that it’s being cared for by professionals who care.


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this guide, but the most important takeaway is this: the best pool maintenance plan is the one that fits your unique needs and lifestyle. We urge you to take some time to think about your pool usage, maintenance preferences, and the factors we’ve discussed.

Remember, your pool is a significant investment, and keeping it in top shape enhances its value and your enjoyment.

If you have any questions about our plan or need more information, feel free to get in touch with us by calling us at (631) 472-6275.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and ensure your pool remains a source of joy and relaxation for years to come.

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