Why Our Winter Chemical Bundles are Essential for Your Pool

Jafar Dhada

Closing your pool for winter might seem like just covering it up and forgetting about it until spring.

However, the truth is, there is a lot more to it than just that.

Before you bid goodbye to your pool for the winter, the chemicals you introduce into your pool play a pivotal role in ensuring that your pool opening remains a delightful experience.

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Read on to understand why our winter chemical bundles are not just an add-on but a crucial part of the pool closing process and how you can get these bundles at discounted prices.

We’re here to ensure that when you pull back that pool cover next summer, you’re greeted with pristine waters, ready for another season of fun.

The Importance of Properly Winterizing Your Pool

Taking dive into a clean, refreshing pool when summer shines is everyone’s dream, but ensuring that experience requires a bit of diligence during the colder months.

Properly winterizing your pool isn’t just a recommendation; it’s essential to ensure its longevity and ease of maintenance.

The Risk of Neglect

Ever witnessed a pool turned green or spotted with unsightly stains?

That’s the aftermath of neglecting proper winter care.

Algae, those green invaders, thrive in stagnant, untreated water.

They can turn your pool into a murky mess, making the cleaning process in spring both laborious and costly.

Additionally, ignoring winter pool care can lead to water imbalances, which might affect, not just the pool’s appearance, but also its structural integrity.

Stains, however, can become a persistent problem, detracting from your pool’s aesthetics and often becoming harder to remove over time.

Extending Your Pool’s Lifespan

Winterizing with the correct chemical treatments is like rejuvenating your pool during rest.

By taking the necessary steps in winter, we’re not just ensuring clear water in spring but also extending the overall lifespan of the pool.

Proper winter care prevents damage to the liner, filter system, and pool surface.

In the long run, a well-maintained pool serves you longer and saves you from hefty repair or replacement costs.

A bit of attention now can save a lot of effort, time, and money later.

Proper winter care sets the foundation for many more summers of splashes and fun.

Breaking Down the Chemicals in our Bundles

Navigating the world of pool chemicals can be daunting with so many products on the market. It’s essential to understand what you’re adding to your pool and why.

Let’s demystify one of the primary components of our winter chemical bundle:

Mineral and Stain Remover

Picture this – you’re excitedly pulling back your pool cover, eagerly anticipating clear, inviting water, only to be met with stains marring the pristine look you were hoping for.

This is where our stain remover comes in.

Specifically formulated to be gentle yet effective, it works diligently to ensure your pool liner and gunite pool surface remain clear and free from unsightly blemishes or discolorations.

  • Why it’s important:

Stains aren’t just a minor inconvenience or an eyesore.

They can become deeply embedded over time, damaging your pool’s appearance.

Consistent exposure to elements, whether natural debris or certain minerals in the water, can lead to these stubborn marks.

Our stain remover acts as a barrier, tackling these issues head-on, ensuring that your pool remains as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Remember, a clean pool isn’t just about the water – it’s about ensuring every part, from bottom to top, remains in its best condition.

Algae Preventative – Polyquat 60

When it comes to maintaining that clear, sparkling pool water we all love, there’s an unseen adversary that every pool owner is familiar with – algae.

Algae 60 is our trusted companion in the battle against these pesky guests. Algae 60 is a potent algae preventative that works relentlessly to keep your pool free from algae infestations.

Designed to provide extended protection, it ensures that these microscopic organisms don’t get a chance to bloom and proliferate throughout the winter months.

  • Why it’s important:

The menace of algae isn’t just about the displeasing green color it casts over your pool.

If left unchecked, algae can rapidly multiply, leading to a murky pool environment in the spring that’s far from inviting.

Beyond the aesthetics, a full-blown algae bloom can clog filters, reduce water circulation, and even render some pool chemicals less effective.

Reversing an algae-infested pool can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and, needless to say, expensive.

By introducing Algae 60 during the winterization process, you’re ensuring a vibrant and clear pool come spring and saving yourself from the potential hassles and costs of extensive cleaning and rebalancing.

Simply put, it’s a proactive step that pays dividends in the long run.

With Algae 60, you’re arming your pool with the best defense against algae, ensuring a smooth and delightful pool-opening experience when the warmer days return.

Especially for pools with mesh covers that allow rainwater, snow melt, and debris into the pool over the off-season…this is a must-do!

Chlorine Free Shock

For many, the word ‘shock’ in pool care instantly brings strong chlorine smells and bleaching concerns to mind.

But let’s pivot to a modern solution that’s both gentle and robust in efficiency – Chlorine Free Shock.

This unique formulation works diligently to oxidize organic contaminants like bacteria, body oils, and other unwelcome residues.

What sets it apart? It accomplishes this vital task without escalating the pool’s chlorine levels.

It’s a delicate balance, and Chlorine Free Shock strikes it perfectly.

  • Why it’s important:

The crystal-clear water is the hallmark of a well-maintained pool.

Chlorine Free Shock plays a pivotal role in preserving that clarity. Eliminating organic contaminants ensures that the water remains fresh and free from unwanted microorganisms, setting the stage for an easier pool opening when the sun shines bright again.

For pool owners with vinyl liners, there’s an added concern when adding chemicals to a non-circulating pool.

In a stagnant setting, traditional shocks can fade or damage vinyl liners.

However, with Chlorine Free Shock, those worries are put to rest.

Its gentle formulation is designed to avoid any risk to your liner, even in pools with lowered water levels that aren’t circulating during closing.

Chlorine Free Shock doesn’t just help preserve the aesthetics of your pool but also translates to fewer hassles in spring and is your ticket to seamless pool opening in the next season.

It also works well with the next chemical we’ll be discussing – pool enzymes – because those enzymes lose their effectiveness in pools with a free chlorine level over 5 ppm – which will be definitely be reached when using traditional chlorine shock.

Pool Magic Spring + Fall Enzymes

Throughout the year, a pool sees its share of sunscreens, body oils, lotions, and the occasional splash-down of a leaf or two…or hundreds.

These residues can silently accumulate, causing potential waterline stains and a generally uninviting appearance.

That’s where our Spring + Fall Enzymes step into the spotlight.

Acting as natural cleaners, these enzymes expertly break down these organic compounds, eliminating potential problems.

  • Why it’s important:

Consistent cleanliness is essential for the overall health and longevity of your pool.

Waterline stains, once set in, can be tough to tackle and detract from the overall look of your oasis.

With the enzyme treatment, you’re proactively preventing such issues, making for smoother swimming when the new season rolls in.

Now, let’s talk about mesh covers.

While providing certain benefits, these covers tend to allow fine sediment and debris into the pool over the winter.

This makes the enzyme treatment even more crucial for pools with mesh covers.

By continuously breaking down unwanted residues, Pool Magic Spring + Fall enzymes ensure that contaminants are not accumulated, thus simplifying your maintenance tasks come springtime.

Our Specially Curated Winter Chemical Kits

As pool service professionals, we’ve seen and addressed many pool-related challenges.

Our experience and commitment to ensuring the best for your pool have led us to carefully curate these winter chemical kits.

Each is designed to cater to specific pool types and needs, ensuring optimal protection and ease of maintenance.

Inground Solid Cover Winter Chemical Kit

We’ve assembled this bundle specifically for inground pools with completely solid covers, like tarps with water tubes and safety covers that require the use of a cover pump.

This kit addresses the nuances associated with such pools, ensuring they remain in prime condition throughout the winter.

What’s included:

  • 1 qt Mineral & Stain Remover – $25
  • 2 qts Algae 60 – $80
  • 4 lbs Chlorine Free Shock: $32

The total for these essentials stands at $137. However, we believe in rewarding our customers for trusting our expertise.

Total Savings with Discounts:

  • Get a 25% discount when you add the kit to your closing and get it at just $103, saving you $34.

Inground Mesh Cover Winter Chemical Kit

Mesh covers, while providing excellent drainage and preventing water accumulation, come with their unique challenges, especially when it comes to allowing fine sediments and debris into the pool.

Keeping these specifics in mind, we’ve tailored the Inground Mesh Cover Winter Chemical Kit to best suit pools with mesh covers, offering superior protection throughout the winter months.

Breakdown of Included Chemicals and Their Prices:

  • 1 liter Spring + Fall Enzymes: $25
  • 2 qts Algae 60: $80
  • 8 lbs Chlorine Free Shock: $64

The aggregate value of these specialized products comes to $169. But we believe quality pool care shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag.

Highlighting the Savings with Our Special Offers:

  • Get a 25% discount when you select it along with your pool closing, and you can secure this bundle for just $127, that’s a savings of $42.

Above Ground Solid Cover Winter Chemical Kit

Above ground pools’ structure and positioning bring unique maintenance challenges, especially during colder months.

Recognizing this, we’ve meticulously designed the Above Ground Solid Cover Winter Chemical Kit, ensuring these pool types get the specialized care they require.

Detailed List of Chemicals and Costs:

  • 1/2 qt Miner & Stain Remover: $15
  • 1 qt Algae 60: $40
  • 2 lbs Chlorine Free Shock: $16

Combining these essential items, the package is valued at $71. But by opting for our 25% discount offer, this tailor-made bundle can be yours for merely $53.

Above Ground Mesh Cover Winter Chemical Kit

Above ground pools with mesh covers are popular for many homeowners, granting the dual benefits of efficient water drainage and preventing considerable debris accumulation.

But like every pool type, they come with unique challenges, especially concerning the entry of fine sediment into the pool over the off-season.

Our Above Ground Mesh Cover Winter Chemical Kit results from extensive experience and expertise, ensuring that pools of this type remain pristine even during winter.

Chemical Details and Their Pricing:

  • 1/2 liter Spring + Fall Enzymes: $15
  • 1 qt Algae 60: $40
  • 4 lbs Chlorine Free Shock: $32

When totaled, these come to $87. But with our 25% discount, this bundle becomes yours for just $66.

The Advantages of Choosing Our Bundles

Customized for Different Pool Types

Each pool, based on its structure and cover, requires a distinct approach to care, especially during the winter months.

Our bundles have been expertly crafted with this in mind, ensuring that your pool, whether inground, above ground, mesh-covered, or solid-covered, receives the specialized attention it deserves.


We realize that quality pool care should not compromise your budget. Our bundles offer premium products at exceptionally discounted prices, keeping your pool in optimum condition without burning a hole in your pocket.

The Best Chance for a Clean and Trouble-Free Pool Opening in Spring

Winterizing with our bundles doesn’t just protect your pool during the colder months; it lays the groundwork for a smoother, hassle-free pool opening once spring rolls around. Dive into clear, balanced waters, and say goodbye to unforeseen pool-related issues forever.

We’re also running a special limited-time offer for our cherished clients who’ve already booked their closings with us.

It’s our way of saying thank you for trusting our expertise and services.

Don’t wait for the chill to settle. Take the plunge now.

Equip yourself with chemical bundles, and let’s ensure that your spring pool opening is as convenient as possible.


The essence of pool care, mainly during winter, lies in proactive measures. The right chemicals, tailored to your pool’s specific needs, make all the difference in ensuring longevity and uncompromised pool health.

By choosing our expertly curated bundles, you’re not just making a purchase but investing in countless joyful and worry-free pool moments.

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