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Get a Head Start on Safety with our August Pool Cover Installation Promotion

Greetings, fellow Long Island pool owners! We’re excited to announce an upcoming promotion that you’ll find extremely beneficial. As seasoned pool experts serving the Long Island community, we understand the value of preparation, particularly when it comes to preparing your swimming pool for the off-season. As the autumn leaves start to hint at their fall, ...


How to Cleanup a Green Pool?

Hey there, pool owners! We know how much you cherish your sparkling, crystal-clear swimming pool. It’s the center of many fun-filled parties and family gatherings. But when that once vibrant blue water turns murky green, it can feel like a total nightmare, right? A green pool is not just an eyesore but also a breeding ...

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Tips for Improving Pool Safety with Barriers and Alarms

Pools are great on a hot afternoon, but they can be a source of anxiety whenever they’re not in use. It doesn’t take much for a pool to become a source of danger for people and animals alike, which is why New York State has laws in place to ensure that pool owners do all ...