Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re a first-time pool owner or you’re ready to hand off pool maintenance to the pros, we know you may have some questions about our services.

Check out the FAQ below for answers to the most popular questions our customer service reps receive as they help our customers with their pool service.

If you can’t find the question you’re looking for, just send a text or call (631) 472-6275.

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What areas on Long Island do you service?

Western Suffolk County and eastern Nassau County of Long Island, New York. West of the William Floyd Parkway and east of the Meadowbrook State Parkway. Endless pools are an exception and we go outside of this area.

Where can we find your Google Business Profile?

You can check out our Google Business Profile by clicking the following link: Romanelli & Son Pool Service on Google. You can find lots of information about our business and stay updated with the latest company happenings.

What types of pools do we service?

All residential inground pools within our service area, except:

  • Pools with grottos
  • Pools with very long and very high raised walls that will require us to be in the pool to close it
    • We might still maintain the above but just not open/close

All residential above ground pools within our service area, except Intex or other types of non-permanent above ground pools that are not steel-walled and need to be disassembled over the off-season.

Examples of above ground pools we do not service:

What services do you offer?

Please check out our available services here: Services Offered.

  • Openings and closings: above ground and in ground pools (no Intex or other types of pools that do not stay assembled all year round)
  • Power vacuuming: above ground and in ground
  • Weekly and bi-weekly maintenance: above ground and in ground
  • New equipment install: above ground and in ground
  • Existing equipment repair: above ground and in ground
  • Liner replacement: in ground only
  • New and replacement covers: above ground and in ground
  • Leak detection: above ground and in ground for liner pools only
  • Installation, service, and maintenance of Endless Pools

What services do you NOT offer?

  • Liner replacement of above ground pools
  • Pool installation or removal (aside from Endless Pools)
  • Leak detection of gunite pools
  • Marble dusting of gunite pools
  • Masonry work of copings, tile lines, and decks
  • Install and repair of automatic pool covers on residential pools (we do install automatic pool covers on Endless Pools)

How can I pay?

We ask that all customers provide a credit card at the time of booking, even if you do not plan to use this for payment. If you are at home at the time of service we ask that you pay either with cash, check, or credit card directly with the technician. If you are not home at the time of service we can use your card on file or you can pay online via an emailed invoice you will receive. If payment is made after the date of service a 2.9% processing fee is applied.

Do I need to be home for my service?

Usually no. You are typically never required to be at home during any service as long as the technicians have access to the pool, equipment, electricity, and a water source. If this will be our first visit to your home we do encourage you to be home so that you can show the technicians where things are located and answer any questions. In order to be fully prepared we do ask that you send photos of your pool area, equipment area, and storage area.


When can a pool opening be scheduled?

Anytime. If you are not ready to schedule immediately then we suggest you contact us in late February or early March for your desired date.

What dates can a pool opening be booked?

Any time after April 1st.

What is included in a standard opening?

Removal and storage of winter cover and plugs; re-install, prime, start and test filter system for leaks or other issues; re-attach ladders, handrails, diving board, and other accessories; perform an initial chlorine shock treatment; test water chemistry to recommend and/or adjust (at an additional cost*) chemical dosages to correct imbalances.

What is the cost of an opening?

Above ground openings begin at $249 + tax. The price will increase with additional services, equipment, and chemicals.

In ground openings begin at $299 + tax. The price will increase with additional services, equipment, and chemicals.

Can I schedule a pool repair along with my pool opening service?

Yes, you can schedule a repair to occur at the same time your pool is opened.

In order to do this, you will have to open your pool a bit earlier in the season (when we are not so busy).

Currently, you can schedule the combined repair and opening visit no later than April 17th.

There are many advantages to booking your repair and opening early, such as:

  • You save money since it will only be 1 visit (after April 17th, the repair and opening will have to be done on 2 separate visits, incurring more labor charges)
  • Your pool will likely open up cleaner (colder water means less time for algae to grow)
  • Your pool will be swim-ready before the heavy opening rush when we get VERY busy

How long will it take for the pool water to clear after opening?

It all depends on your winter cover type, filter system, pool size, and other factors. However, if we balance your water chemistry during the pool opening, and you keep up with continuously running your filter, backwashing (cleaning and/or recharging your D.E filter if applicable), and shocking the pool as needed, it should only take a few days to see significant improvement in water quality. We can also provide this attentive service for you at an additional cost.

How do I know how much water is in my pool when the cover is on it?

Just look inside one of the skimmer baskets to make sure it’s half full. If it’s not then go ahead and put a water hose in and fill up the pool until it reaches the halfway mark.

What do I need to do to prepare for my pool opening?

See our in-depth guide here. Solid pool covers must be reasonably dry and all cover types must be free of debris prior to the technician’s arrival. Please make sure there’s running water in the yard, your pool is filled to the normal operating level (mid-skimmer), and there’s power to the pool equipment so we can start up and test the filtration system and other accessories such as heaters, heat pumps, and pool sanitization & automation systems.

Follow-up visits are subject to a $75 charge, common reasons for follow-up visits:

  • The water level is not at the normal operating level (mid-skimmers). This prevents the technician from being able to turn on the system and check for any issues, leaks, etc.
  • Overgrown vegetation in the pool equipment path/area
  • Power is turned on near the pool equipment
  • Equipment buried in the shed or unable to be found

How long does it take to open the pool?

It depends on pool size, the complexity of cover installation, and add-ons such as attached spas or heaters…but a typical pool opening on a 20×40-sized pool takes about 1.5 hours.

Are balancing / additional chemicals necessary?

By adding the balancing / additional chemicals your pool will be swim-ready much quicker. Alkalinity, calcium hardness, and pH balancing all help to increase the effectiveness of chlorine and ensure the water stays clear, sanitized, and comfortable for swimmers. Algaecide helps rid the pool of algae quicker and also helps prevent new growth if chlorine levels were to drop.

Will the service technician rinse off the cover before they store it?

You can select this option when you book your appointment online. You must let us know you’d like this done before your appointment. There will be an additional charge of $75.

Will the service technician clean your DE or cartridge filter during the opening?

This will also be an option when booking your appointment. DE or cartridge filter cleaning costs $59 with the opening.

Will the pool be vacuumed/cleaned on the same day of the opening?

No, our recommendation is to let the initial shock treatment take care of any stuck-on live algae before we vacuum the pool. It’s much more productive and effective to kill rather than vacuum loose, dead algae.

We also won’t Power Vac any areas in the pool where we can’t see to the bottom. This is because we don’t want to cause damage to your pool surface if there’s something heavy or sharp hidden down there.

Same-day or next-day service is usually available for Power Vacs, so if your pool is clear to the bottom, please get in touch by sending a picture and we’ll send a technician over ASAP.

Do I need to be home for the pool opening?

No, but please make sure you follow our instructions for preparing your pool for opening and do not leave any accessways to the pool locked. You will have the opportunity to indicate whether or not you will be home when booking your appointment online, and a customer service rep will reach out to get a payment method to put on file for your visit.

If the water is clear after the opening, can my friends and family swim immediately?

No, after our initial shock treatment, the chlorine concentration in the pool will stay elevated for at least a few hours. We don’t recommend swimming in the pool, even if it’s clear, until a day after your opening and after you test the water and you get a free chlorine reading between 1-3ppm and it’s free of any debris.


What is a power vacuum?

Power vacuum is vacuuming your dirty pool water to waste using our own pump/filter. The dirty water will be pumped out of the worker’s equipment into a proper draining location (grass, bushes, driveway, if accessible).

How much does it cost?

PV’s are charged at $95 per hour so the cost will depend on the size and condition of the pool. The minimum is 1 hour.

What condition does the pool need to be in to perform a power vac?

The water must be clear to the bottom of the deep end and no live (green) algae present.

Why does the water need to be completely clear?

Water MUST be crystal clear to enable the tech to see all debris at the bottom of the pool. If the water is the least bit cloudy while being power vacuumed, the dirt will once again settle to the bottom and the pool will not be clean upon completion. We also run the risk of encountering hazards on the bottom of the pool that was not seen and could potentially rip the pool liner.

Why can’t you just vacuum out the live (green) algae?

The algae will grow back after the pool is power vacuumed, and it will require an additional session. The algae must be dead (brown) prior to receiving this service. If algae is green, water needs to be shocked until the algae turn brown. The filter MUST be running 24/7 in addition to the shock treatment in order for the water to clear.

What if the pool is not ready for a power vac?

Most pools will clear up with a shock treatment. If you would like to do this on your own we would suggest adding between 5-10 pounds of shock depending on the size of the pool and leaving the filter running 24/7. If you would rather have us handle it for you we can schedule you for a green to clear service.

Can the pool be vacuumed if there are leaves at the bottom?

YES, however, pools with excessive leaves will take additional time to vacuum.

Does the worker use his own equipment to power vacuum the pool?

Yes, the worker will be using his own equipment. Electric MUST be on at the pool site. If the circuit breaker is not located within reaching distance of the worker, and the circuit breaker trips, the job cannot be completed.

What is the average time it takes for the worker to complete a power vacuuming session?

On average, it will take 1-2 hrs to complete the job. But again, this depends on the condition of the pool.

What if the pool is not ready for a power vac?

Most pools will clear up with a shock treatment. If you would like to do this on your own we would suggest adding between 5-10 pounds of shock depending on the size of the pool and leaving the filter running 24/7. If you would rather have us handle it for you we can schedule you for a green to clear service.


When can I begin a maintenance plan?

As soon as your pool has been opened and is clean and clear.

What are the maintenance plan options?

We currently offer 3 plans:

  • Platinum = Weekly visits + all standard chemicals included
  • Gold = Weekly visits. Chemicals are in addition to the monthly cost
  • Pay per Vac = On-demand cleaning visits

What is done at a maintenance visit?

Chemical levels are tested, and the pool is skimmed, vacuumed, and brushed. Skimmer baskets are cleaned out, the pool is backwashed (if necessary), pool equipment is looked over for any errors or service needed, and chemicals are added (if necessary).

How long does a maintenance visit last?

Most maintenance visits are between 30-45 minutes. If a visit lasts longer than 75 minutes due to additional vacuuming, netting, etc the service will be charged at a power vac rate of $95 per hour.

Will I have the same technician for the whole season?

We try and accommodate technician requests but unfortunately it is impossible to always promise the same worker due to illness, routes, or other scheduling conflicts.

Will the worker use his own equipment?

Yes, the worker will use his own equipment, and the electricity MUST be on.


Do you replace solid pool covers?

Yes, please send us the dimensions of your pool along with some photos so we can provide a quote. If you are unsure of the dimensions we can have someone come measure for a $59 site visit fee.

Do you replace safety covers (Loop-Loc, Merlin, elephant covers, etc)?

Yes, we can order a replacement cover for you. Do you have the original paperwork from the purchase of the cover?

  • Yes = We just need the serial number to provide to Loop-Loc for a replacement cost
  • No = Does your cover have a tag on it still with the serial number?
    • Yes = Send over a photo of the tag and we can provide it to loop loc for a replacement cost
    • No = We can come to pick up the old cover to use as a template for measurements or schedule a time to measure your pool. Fees will apply.

Do you install new safety covers?

Yes, we first need to see some photos of your pool and know the approximate dimensions. Then we can determine if a standard cover would work or if a custom cover will need to be ordered. Most standard pools will just need a visit to take measurements of the pool size. In some cases, an Image Loc appointment is needed. An image loc appointment is needed for:

  • Replacement pool covers that do not have the serial number on the cover (and anchors have been installed already)
  • Free-form pools
  • Pools with obstructions, spas, water features (like a waterfall or sheer descent), or other items that make it so the pool cannot be easily measured with a tape measure.

What is an Image Loc appointment?

We will come and take a series of photos of your pool and deck that will allow Loop-Loc to manufacture a perfect cover for your pool. An Image Loc appointment costs $150 but will be applied toward the cost of your new cover as long as you purchase it with us.

How long will it take to get a new safety cover?

For stock covers, such as a rectangle pool with left, right, or center steps the cover can be available within 1-2 days of ordering. For custom covers, the time is usually 3-4 weeks.


When can they be scheduled?

Anytime. If you are not ready to schedule immediately then we suggest you contact us in late July or early August for your desired date.

What dates can they be booked?

Any date before Thanksgiving (last Thursday of November).

What is included in a standard closing?

Visit our pool closing service page for detailed information. In general, a pool closing consists of blowing out the lines, disconnecting the equipment, adding antifreeze to the lines, the removal of accessories i.e. ladder/diving board, winterizing chemicals, and covering the pool.

Does the pool water need to be clear for a closing?

No. However, we offer a pre-closing Power Vacuum service that can help give you the best shot of opening success next season.

What is the cost of a pool closing?

Above ground closings begin at $249 + tax. The price will increase with additional services and equipment needed.

Inground closings begin at $299 + tax. The price will increase with additional services and equipment needed.

What do I need to do to prepare for a pool closing?

Make sure your winterizing equipment is accessible to the technicians, and the space you want equipment to be stored in has been cleaned out and unlocked. Ensure the water has been lowered to the recommended depth:

  • Above ground w/ solid cover= just below the skimmer
  • Above ground w/ mesh cover= 2-3 inches below the skimmer
  • Inground w/ liner and w/ solid cover= 1-2 inches below the skimmer
  • Inground w/ liner and w/ mesh cover= 2-3 inches below the skimmer
  • Inground gunite= 1-2 inches below the tile line

Will the technician clean out the filter during the pool closing?

No, the filter will not be cleaned during the pool closing. That is a separate service if needed.

Will the pool be vacuumed if needed during the pool closing?

No, the pool will not be vacuumed during the pool closing. This is a separate service called a pre-closing Power Vac. Please reach out and we’ll get you set up.

How long will the closing take?

The closing will take approximately 1-2 hours depending on many different variables.

How many technicians will be closing the pool?

There will usually be 2 service technicians closing the pool (more if required).

Will the techs have water bags on hand if needed at the pool closing?

Yes, the techs will have water bags, gizmos, plugs, anti-freeze, and many other supplies on hand if needed.

Can I purchase a new pool cover if needed?

Yes, a pool cover for either an Inground or Above Ground pool can be purchased from our company by calling the office with the pool particulars i.e. pool size/shape. This should be done 2 weeks in advance of the pool closing date for water bag covers and above ground pool covers. Safety covers will need at least a month.