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Full Season Pool Maintenance Plan from Romanelli & Son Pool Service

Leave the pool maintenance hassle to us and embrace a worry-free swimming season. Our Full Season Maintenance Plan covers everything from opening to closing and everything in between.

A Hassle-Free Pool Season Awaits

Are you tired of spending your precious summer weekends maintaining your pool instead of enjoying it? We’ve got you covered with our full season maintenance plan. Let us do all the hard work while you soak up the sun and create unforgettable memories with family and friends.

Our full season maintenance plan is the ultimate solution for a worry-free pool season. We take care of all the essential tasks, from pool opening to closing and weekly maintenance. Our team of experienced technicians will provide consistent, professional pool care all season long to ensure your pool stays in tip-top shape all the time.

When you choose our full season weekly pool maintenance plan, you’re not just getting expert pool care – you’re investing in peace of mind, cost savings, and an extended pool life.

Here’s what you get:

Consistent and Professional Pool Care all season long: Enjoy uninterrupted expert pool care throughout the season from our expert pool technicians. We will ensure your pool stays pristine all summer long!

Cost Savings: Enjoy exclusive discounts on weekly maintenance visits, plus additional savings on service call labor fees for any extra services you avail, such as Green 2 Clear or Power Vacuuming.

Flexibility: We understand that each pool owner has unique needs, so we offer customizable schedules for regular pool cleanings, including weekly, bi-weekly, or any other schedule that suit your preferences.

Peace of Mind: You can focus more on enjoying your pool while our expert professionals keep it clean, safe, and well-maintained throughout the season

Our Full Season Maintenance Plan Includes:

We take care of everything from opening your pool to closing it and everything in-between. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our Full Season Maintenance plan:

The Perfect Pool Opening

Our expert pool professionals will take care of all the essential steps of getting your pool swim-ready.

The pool opening service includes our 12-point quality assurance checklist

It starts with inspecting your pool cover and ends with getting your pool-water crystal-clear!

Here’s a sneak peak of what our pool opening process includes:

  • Pool cover inspection and removal
  • Installation of deck equipment
  • Starting filtration system, pool pumps and other pool-equipment
  • Suction and return line plug removal
  • Chlorine shock treatment
  • Water chemistry check
  • and more!

A sparkling clean pool isn’t just about looks – it’s about safety and comfort, too. That’s why we will sanitize your pool and properly balance the water chemistry to get you the best pool opening.

Learn more about our entire 12 step pool opening process here.

Pool Opening Chemical Bundles for Crystal Clear, Balanced Water

Starting your pool season with the right water chemistry is essential for a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. That’s why our Full Season Maintenance Plan includes a comprehensive pool opening chemical bundle, which can be used to sanitize your pool and balance the water chemistry after opening.

We take care of everything from opening your pool to closing it and everything in-between. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our Full Season Maintenance plan:

Each Weekly Maintenance Visit Includes:

Our full season pool maintenance includes around 20 weekly visits.

Each of the visit includes the following steps, to ensure your pool remains in top condition all season long.

Test Pool Water Chemistry


We’ll inform you of any corrections that need to be made to balance your water. Be ready for a summer of fun and relaxation without the worry of water quality issues.

Pool Skimmer and Pool Pump Basket


Your water will be circulating at optimal levels as we stay on top of the often overlooked, but critical task of clearing your skimmer and pump baskets.

pool eyeball returns


You’ll know when your system is running from the ripple effect of the surface water. We will properly angle your eyeball returns, so water is circulating efficiently.

Romanelli Pools Maintenance Icon


Brushing your pool is vital for keeping algae away. We will make sure to loosen everything up and let the filter do its’ job.

Romanelli Pools Power Vacuum


Dive into crystal-clear water without lifting a finger. We use top-of-the-line equipment to keep your pool in top shape.

Pool Filtration System Checkup


Don’t let equipment leaks ruin your pool day. We’ll make sure everything is running smoothly and no leaks are ruining the fun.

backwash a pool filter


We take the hassle out of maintaining your filter. Backwashing is like hitting the reset button for your pool’s filtration system.

Swimming Pool Skimmer


We’ll keep your pool looking like a million bucks as we scoop up all the debris floating on the surface, leaving your water crystal clear.

Swimming Pool Sanitization


By constantly monitoring and adjusting your pool’s sanitization levels, we’ll ensure your water stays safe and sparkling clear all season long.

Dosing swimming pool chemicals


After testing the water chemistry, we will add the proper amount of chemicals to the pool for you to ensure chemicals adjust to an appropriate range.

Backyard Gates Left Secured


When we leave your yard, you can rest easy knowing all the gates have been securely closed and the pool area is safe.

Swimming Pool Chemical Checklist


We will leave you knowing what services were done, what issues are present, and the chemicals that are needed to keep your water balanced.

We take care of everything from opening your pool to closing it and everything in-between. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our Full Season Maintenance plan:

A Peaceful Pool Closing

Closing your pool is an essential step to wrap up the swimming season correctly and ensure that your pool and equipment stays in pristine condition for the next year!

Our full season maintenance plan includes a professional pool closing service.

Here’s a sneak peek of steps in our pool closing process:

  • Pool cover installation
  • Ladder and Handrail Removal
  • Blow Out and Plug Suction/Return Lines
  • Winterizing Chemical Treatment
  • Filtration System Winterization
  • Winterization Of All Peripherals

Full Season Pool Maintenance Package Pricing

The exact price will depend on the maintenance plan you select and whether you choose to make upfront payments. Here are some approximate figures:

In Ground Pools with Premier Plan

$2797 + tax

Above Ground Pool with Premier Plan

$2429 + tax

Upfront Payment Discount

If you pay the amount upfront, you can avail an additional additional $10 discount on each pre-paid maintenance visit during the season (usually around 20 visits so about $200 discount).

If you want to avail the upfront payment discount, and want to pay in two parts. You can pay half amount upfront and sign up for automatic payments. We’ll bill you the first time before opening and the second time in the middle of the season.

You will get an additional 10% savings if you choose to pay upfront for the entire season. Here is how much it will cost you with upfront payments:

In Ground Pools with Premier Plan

$2542 + tax

Above Ground Pool with Premier Plan

$2174 + tax

Additional Discounts on Weekly Pool Maintenance

Automatic Payments Discount

We’re offering a $5 discount on each service visit if you enroll in automatic payments (usually around 20 visits, so about additional $100 discount).

Discount on Service Call Labor Fees

Premium maintenance plan members will receive a 10% discount on service call labor fees for the season. This includes Green 2 Clear visits, Power Vacuuming visits, and all service call labor for troubleshooting, repair, or new equipment installs.

Any extra services required for the season, will be billed separately, e.g. Green 2 Clear visit(s), Power Vacuuming visit(s) for the initial pool cleaning after opening, new equipment installs, repairs, or troubleshooting visits. Any additional maintenance visits or additional chemicals not listed above (specialty chemicals are not included with Premium maintenance) will be billed separately.

Don’t Miss Out on a Stress-Free Pool Season – Sign Up for Our Full Season Maintenance Package Today!

Are you ready to experience a hassle-free pool season filled with fun and relaxation? It’s time to let the experts handle your pool upkeep while you focus on making unforgettable memories with family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the full season maintenance plan include?

Our Full season maintenance plan includes pool opening, an opening chemical bundle, around 20 weekly maintenance visits, and pool closing. The plan covers essential tasks such as pool cleaning, water chemistry testing, filtration system checkups, and more.

Can the full season maintenance plan be customized to my specific needs?

Yes, each pool has unique features and requirements. We will quote you a price based on your pool type, size and the maintenance plan you select.

Are additional services included in the Full Season Maintenance plan?

No, any extra services required for the season, such as additional Green 2 Clear visit(s), Power Vacuuming visit(s), new equipment installs and repairs will be billed separately.