Which Safety Cover is Best for Your Pool? The 4 Types of Loop Loc Pool Covers and the Pros and Cons of Each

Jafar Dhada

In the world of pool maintenance and care, one aspect that often gets overlooked is the importance of a good pool cover. More than just a piece of fabric across your pool, a pool cover is your pool’s best defense against debris, evaporation, and even the harsh effects of changing weather.

It’s an essential piece of equipment that preserves both the quality of your pool water and the lifespan of your pool.

4 Types of Loop Loc Covers

When we talk about pool covers, one name that stands out in the industry is Loop Loc.

Established over half a century ago, Loop Loc has been dedicated to providing top-tier pool covers that are effective and blend seamlessly with your outdoor decor.

Known for their quality and durability, Loop-Loc covers are trusted by pool owners and pool professionals nationwide.

Loop Loc offers a range of pool covers to suit different needs and preferences. In this article, we’ll delve into the four main types of Loop-Loc pool covers the Super Dense Mesh, Aqua Xtreme Mesh, Ultra Loc Solid with Drain Panels, and Ultra Loc Solid with Automatic Cover Pump.

Each one comes with its unique set of features, benefits, and drawbacks.

In this article, we’ll cover these aspects of the four Loop-Loc covers and help you decide which one best suits your needs.

So, let’s dive in.

Super Dense Mesh

When balancing robust protection with the practical advantages of a mesh cover, the Super Dense Mesh by Loop-Loc offers a compelling option.

Aqua Xtreme Cover

This specific pool cover type is characterized by its woven fabric, with an extraordinarily high density, making it one of the sturdiest in the market.


  • Heavy-duty Strength

With its heavy-duty strength, the Super Dense Mesh cover stands its ground against the harshest elements, whether strong winds, heavy rain, or even the weight of snow.

This strength doesn’t just ensure the cover stays in place, but it also provides an effective barrier against debris, protecting your pool from any unwanted materials.

  • Mesh Material allows water to seep through, preventing puddles.

It’s designed to let water seep through its fine mesh fabric. This feature effectively prevents the accumulation of water puddles on top of the cover, a common issue with solid covers. By allowing rainwater and melted snow to slowly tickle through, your pool cover stays lighter, dryer and easier to handle.

  • Long-lasting durability

Another benefit of the Super Dense Mesh cover lies in its longevity. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship that Loop Loc brings to its products ensure high durability.

This cover can last many seasons with proper care and maintenance, offering a cost-effective solution to your pool covering needs.

All Loop-Loc covers come with a 15 year protected warranty.


Despite its many advantages, it’s essential to consider the potential drawbacks of the Super Dense Mesh cover to ensure it’s the right fit for your needs.

  • Not as durable as solid Loop-Loc covers

One factor to consider is durability. While the Super Dense Mesh cover is crafted with top-tier strength in mind, it may have different durability than Loop Loc’s solid covers.

The weave, though dense, may be more prone to wear and tear compared to the solid covers, which are designed to withstand an even greater array of environmental factors.

  • Mesh weave lets more sunlight in than all the other loop loc covers.

Another consideration relates to sunlight exposure. Despite its density, the mesh weave still allows more sunlight to penetrate your pool compared to Loop Loc’s other covers.

This increased sunlight can lead to more algae growth, especially in late spring when water temperatures rise. The onset of warmer temperatures combined with the sunlight permitted by the mesh cover can create a more conducive environment for algae to thrive.

  • Heavier than Aqua Xtreme Mesh

One potential drawback of this particular cover is its weight. Crafted with durability in mind, the Super Dense Mesh cover is noticeably heavier than the Aqua Xtreme Mesh cover.

While contributing to its strength and durability, this characteristic makes installation and removal more challenging for some pool owners.

Final Verdict

So, who is the Super Dense Mesh cover ideal for?

This cover is an excellent fit for pool owners who prioritize durability and longevity, especially for people living in Long Island, as it’s a region highly prone to severe weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow.

Its strength and robustness make it a reliable choice for keeping your pool clean and secure through the seasons.

Moreover, the Super Dense Mesh cover is a great fit for pools that typically open up early in the pool season.

Opening your pool early, before the rise in water temperature triggers algae growth, can mitigate the potential drawback of increased sunlight penetration through the mesh cover.

This way, you can reap the benefits of the Super Dense Mesh cover – its strength, durability, and rainwater filtration – without worrying too much about algae growth.

Aqua Xtreme Mesh

Moving on to the next offering from Loop-Loc, let’s delve into the Aqua Xtreme Mesh.

Aqua Xtreme Mesh Cover in Hunter Green

Aqua Xtreme Mesh Cover in Hunter Green

This pool cover offers an alternative to the Super Dense Mesh, retaining the key benefits of a mesh cover while introducing some unique features.


  • Lighter weight than Super Dense Mesh

The Aqua Xtreme Mesh is an innovative product from Loop Loc that combines strength with lighter weight.

It’s crafted with a tighter weave than typical mesh covers, offering superior strength but without the extra weight of the Super Dense Mesh or the other solid cover options.

Romanelli & Son Technician Installing Pool Cover

Romanelli & Son Technician Installing Aqua Xtreme Mesh Pool Cover

This design makes handling and installation easier without compromising the cover’s ability to protect your pool against debris and weather elements.

  • Enhanced UV resistance

One of the standout features of the Aqua Xtreme Mesh cover is its enhanced UV resistance. It blocks 97% of the sunlight.

The material used in its construction is specially designed to resist the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Aqua Xtreme Mesh Cover Steel Grey

Aqua Xtreme Mesh Cover Steel Grey

This feature is crucial as constant exposure to sunlight can degrade pool covers over time.

With the Aqua Xtreme Mesh, you can expect a longer lifespan for your cover, maintaining its color and integrity for seasons to come.

  • Reduced water and chemical evaporation

Another significant advantage of the Aqua Xtreme Mesh is its ability to reduce water and chemical evaporation.

Aqua Xtreme Mesh Cover Sapphire Navy

Aqua Xtreme Mesh Cover Sapphire Navy

Like other mesh covers, it allows rainwater and melted snow to seep into the pool.

However, its unique weave also aids in retaining the chemical balance of your pool.

Minimizing evaporation helps maintain your pool’s water level and chemistry, ultimately saving you time and money in maintaining your pool.

  • Stylish Color Variants

The Aqua Xtreme Mesh cover has a range of captivating color optiona that cater to diverse aesthetics.

From the rich, earthy tones of Mojave Brown that seamlessly blend with natural surroundings, to the classic elegance of Sapphire Navy and Hunter Green, there’s a shade to suit every preference.

And those of you who prefer a modern, sleek look, the Steel Gray option adds a touch of contemporary sophistication.

With these color options at your fingertips, the Aqua Xtreme Mesh Loop Loc cover doens’t just protect your pool – it elevates its style quotient too.

Here is a sneak peak of all the color options available for the Aqua Xtreme Mesh Cover:

Hunter Green

Hunter Green

Sapphire Navy

Sapphire Navy

Mojave Brown

Mojave Brown

Steel Gray

Steel Gray


While the Aqua Xtreme Mesh cover has several benefits, it’s essential to consider its limitations to ensure it fits your pool correctly.

  • May not provide as much physical protection as the other type of Loop Loc covers

First, while the Aqua Xtreme Mesh is undoubtedly strong, it may provide a different physical protection than the Super Dense Mesh and Ultra Loc solid covers.

This difference is mainly due to the lighter, less dense material in the Aqua Xtreme Mesh.

While it can certainly handle most typical debris like leaves and twigs, larger or heavier debris might pose a challenge.

  • It could be more prone to wear and tear due to the lighter material.

Second, due to the lighter nature of its material, the Aqua Xtreme Mesh cover could be more prone to wear and tear over time compared to denser mesh covers.

While it does feature enhanced UV resistance, physical abrasion from wind-blow debris or rough handling during installation or removal could cause damage over time.

Final Verdict

This cover shines in moderate climates where harsh weather and heavy debris are less of a concern.

The Aqua Xtreme Mesh cover excels in pools with many features, such as raised walls, spas, or waterfalls. Such pools often require a flexible and easily adjustable cover, and the Aqua Xtreme Mesh shines in these scenarios. Its design enables cable attachments, providing secure coverage over complex pool shapes and designs without compromising security or aesthetic appeal.

The Aqua Xtreme Mesh cover is also an excellent choice for those who prefer to manage their pool maintenance personally. Compared to the Super Dense Mesh, its lightweight nature makes it easier to handle, simplifying the process of opening and closing the pool.

If you’re the type who likes hands-on involvement in pool upkeep, this cover can significantly streamline your routine.

Lastly, for those who value aesthetics as much as functionality, the Aqua Xtreme Mesh cover offers designer colors at no extra charge. This feature allows you to maintain the visual appeal of your pool area even when the pool is covered.

Whether you want a color that complements your outdoor décor or desire a unique look, the Aqua Xtreme Mesh cover lets you add that personal touch without additional cost.

Ultra-Loc Solid with Drain Panels

Let’s delve into another of Loop Loc’s excellent pool cover offerings – the Ultra-Loc Solid with Drain Panels.

Solid Ultra-Loc Pool Cover with Drain Panels

Solid Ultra-Loc Pool Cover with Drain Panels

This product combines the best attributes of solid and mesh covers, providing a unique solution for your pool coverage needs.


  • Provides a solid barrier for debris and leaves

The Ultra-Loc Solid cover offers a solid barrier against debris, making it an excellent choice for maintaining a clean pool environment. Unlike mesh covers, this solid barrier ensures that larger debris like leaves and twigs are kept out and finer particles such as dust and pollen.

This feature particularly benefits those looking to maintain a pristine pool with minimal cleaning effort.

  • Drain panels allow water to filter through, preventing puddle build-up.

The strategically placed drain panels are what sets the Ultra-Loc Solid cover apart from typical solid covers. These panels allow rainwater and melted snow to pass through, preventing puddle build-up on the surface of the cover.

This clever design provides the cleanliness of a solid cover while avoiding the water accumulation issue often faced with such covers.

  • Strong and durable material for prolonged use in bad weather

The Ultra-Loc Solid cover is made from a strong and durable material designed to withstand prolonged use and adverse weather conditions.

This cover is built to protect your pool throughout the seasons.

  • Nearly 100% sunlight blockage – prevents algae growth.

Lastly, an often overlooked yet significant benefit of the Ultra-Loc Solid cover is its ability to block nearly 100% sunlight. This feature is crucial in preventing algae growth, which can become problematic in the warmer months.

Algae thrive in sunlight, and by blocking their access to your pool, the Ultra-Loc Solid cover helps maintain a healthier, algae-free pool.


Despite its impressive benefits, the Ultra-Loc Solid cover with Drain Panels has a few trade-offs that should be considered.

  • The solid material may make this cover heavier than mesh alternatives.

One potential drawback to consider is the cover’s weight. The solid material, while robust and durable, does make this cover heavier than its mesh counterparts.

This characteristic may make the cover more challenging to handle during installation and removal. Pool owners who prefer a lightweight option for easy handling might find this cover more demanding.

  • It might require more maintenance to ensure drain panels are clear.

Another consideration is the maintenance of the drain panels. While these panels offer a smart solution to prevent water accumulation, they may require additional attention to ensure they remain clear and functioning effectively.

Over time, leaves or other debris could block these panels, preventing them from efficiently draining water. Regular inspection and occasional cleaning of these panels will be necessary to keep them in optimal condition.

Final Verdict

This cover is an excellent choice for smaller pools without features that require a cable wall attachment.

If you’re a pool owner already familiar and comfortable with managing a solid tarp cover and a cover pump, the Ultra-Loc Solid cover with Drain Panels will fit right into your routine.

Its strong, durable design, combined with the smart drain panel feature, offers superior protection and ease of use, making it a practical upgrade from traditional solid tarp covers.

The Ultra-Loc Solid cover is also a great option for smaller pools with anchors drilled into concrete.

The cover’s robust design, combined with the enhanced strength provided by concrete anchors, results in a secure, snug fit. This configuration provides high protection against debris and elements while ensuring that the cover stays firmly in place.

In conclusion, the Ultra-Loc Solid cover with Drain Panels offers high protection, longevity, and convenience.

It’s an ideal choice for smaller pools, particularly those with concrete anchor systems, and pool owners already accustomed to the care and handling of solid tarp covers and cover pumps. This cover ensures your pool remains clean and ready for use, regardless of the season.

Ultra-Loc Solid with Automatic Cover Pump

Rounding up our discussion of Loop Loc’s excellent pool cover options, we now turn to the Ultra-Loc Solid cover equipped with an Automatic Cover Pump.

Gray ultra loc solid cover without drain panels and an automatic cover pump

Gray Ultra Loc Solid Cover Without Drain Panels and an Automatic Cover Pump


  • Provides a comprehensive solution for both cover and water management

This advanced product is designed to provide a comprehensive and automated solution for pool owners seeking the ultimate convenience and functionality.

  • A fully automated pump system reduces manual maintenance.

The key feature of this cover is its built-in automatic pump system. This smart innovation provides a comprehensive solution to water management on the cover surface.

The system significantly reduces manual maintenance tasks by automatically pumping away accumulated water, allowing you more time to enjoy your pool rather than work on it.

  • Offers the same debris barrier advantages of other Ultra-Loc solid covers

Regarding pool protection, the Ultra-Loc Solid with Automatic Cover Pump carries forward the same debris barrier advantages of other Ultra-Loc solid covers.

  • Dirt, debris, rainwater, and snow melt do not enter the pool.

The solid material prevents dirt, debris, rainwater, and snowmelt from entering your pool.

This superior level of protection ensures that your pool water remains clean and clear, regardless of what the seasons throw at it.

  • 100% sunlight blocking – minimal algae growth

Moreover, like its solid cover counterparts, the Ultra-Loc Solid with Automatic Cover Pump blocks 100% of sunlight.

This feature is crucial in minimizing algae growth, leading to healthier water conditions and a cleaner pool environment.

Algae growth is largely dependent on sunlight for photosynthesis, and by blocking its access, you’re putting a firm stop to its proliferation.

  • The pool opens up cleaner in the spring.

An immediate benefit of this comprehensive protection and automatic water management system is a cleaner pool when spring arrives.

With no debris or algae to contend with, opening your pool for the warmer season becomes a breeze. It’s a satisfying reward for investing in a high-quality cover like the Ultra-Loc Solid with Automatic Cover Pump.


Despite the many advantages the Ultra-Loc Solid cover with Automatic Cover Pump offers, there are a few considerations to consider before deciding if this is the right cover for your pool.

  • Requires a power source for the pump operation

Firstly, the automatic cover pump, while convenient, does require a power source for its operation. This necessity might present logistical challenges for some pool setups.

The requirement of nearby electrical power should be considered during installation to ensure smooth and safe pump operation.

  • It may be more expensive due to the inclusion of the pump system.

Secondly, adding an automatic pump system to the cover can result in a higher price point than other covers.

While the convenience and automation provided by the pump system justify the cost for many, it is an important factor to consider when budgeting for your pool maintenance costs.

  • Heaviest cover in relation to the other ones – tough to remove and install

Additionally, the Ultra-Loc Solid cover with Automatic Cover Pump is the heaviest among Loop Loc’s offerings due to its solid material and the inclusion of the pump system.

This added weight might make the cover more difficult to handle during installation and removal, particularly for those who manage their pool upkeep personally.

  • Not good for oversized pools or pools with raised walls or waterfalls

Finally, the Ultra-Loc Solid with Automatic Cover Pump design may only be suitable for some types of pools.

Specifically, lighter and more flexible cover options might serve oversized pools with features such as raised walls or waterfalls. The rigidity and weight of this cover could make it less ideal for these pool configurations.

Final Verdict

Every pool cover serves a purpose, and finding the perfect fit often comes down to understanding your pool’s specific needs. When considering the Ultra-Loc Solid cover with an Automatic Cover Pump, there are certain scenarios where this cover truly shines.

Primarily, this cover is an ideal option for smaller pools that don’t have features requiring a cable wall attachment. If you’re a pool owner accustomed to handling a solid tarp cover and a cover pump, the automatic pump system integrated into this cover will fit seamlessly into your routine. The automatic pump removes excess water accumulation, reducing manual intervention and making pool maintenance much easier.

Furthermore, the Ultra-Loc Solid with Automatic Cover Pump is an excellent choice for smaller pools with anchors drilled into concrete. The strength of concrete anchors provides a firm, secure fit that ensures the cover stays in place even in inclement weather. The robustness of this cover, combined with the stability offered by concrete anchors, guarantees a high level of protection for your pool.

In summary, the Ultra-Loc Solid cover with an Automatic Cover Pump is a versatile, high-quality choice offering various benefits. Particularly for owners of smaller pools, those accustomed to solid tarp covers, and those with concrete anchor systems, this cover offers convenience and protection that greatly enhances your pool ownership experience.

Choosing the Best Pool Cover for Your Needs

Selecting the right pool cover can significantly impact your pool maintenance experience and overall poor health and extend its lifespan. With the variety of options available, making this choice might seem daunting.

However, you can select the best cover for your pool by understanding your unique needs and circumstances.

When choosing a pool cover, there are several key considerations to remember.

The climate in your area is an important factor, as certain covers are better equipped to handle specific weather conditions than others.

Alternatively, a heavy-duty cover like the Ultra-Loc Solid could provide superior protection if your pool goes unused during colder months.

Your willingness and ability to maintain your pool also significantly influence the decision. If you prefer a hands-off approach, the Ultra-Loc Solid cover with an Automatic Cover Pump offers a high level of convenience with its automatic water management system.

However, if you’re comfortable with manual maintenance and want a more budget-friendly option, the Super Dense Mesh could be a good choice.

Each type of Loop-Loc cover offers unique advantages that can make it the best choice in different scenarios. As we’ve discussed, the Super Dense Mesh cover is great for early pool opening, while the Aqua Xtreme Mesh offers ease of use and designer color options.

The Ultra-Loc Solid covers, with Drain Panels and an Automatic Cover Pump, provide superior protection and manual or automated water management.

If you take all the factors in consideration, Aqua Extereme Mesh Covers are the best fit for generally most pool types. It seamlessly blends the durability of a solid cover with the drainage benefits of a mmesh cover.

It’s the best of both worlds, elegantly fused into one solution. It effectively guards your pool against debris while allowing rainwater to drain away.

It’s built to withstand the elements and keep your pool clean. So, if you’re looking for a cover that embodies versatility, functionality, and longevity, the Aqua Xtreme cover might just be the best choice for you.

We understand that selecting the best cover can be complex, but remember, you’re not alone in this process. We at Romanelli & Son Pool Service are here to help you make the best decision for your pool.


Our experts are always ready to provide in-depth consultations based on your specific pool type, usage, and maintenance preferences.

With our knowledge and experience, we can help ensure you choose the cover that will best meet your needs and extend the life and enjoyment of your pool.

Choosing the Right Loop Loc Pool Cover: A Quick Comparison

Now that we’ve discussed each type of Loop-Loc pool cover in detail let’s compare them.

The following table summarizes the unique benefits of each cover, helping you understand where each cover shines.

Benefits/FeaturesSuper Dense MeshAqua Xtreme MeshUltra-Loc Solid w/ Drain PanelsUltra-Loc Solid w/ Auto Pump
Heavy-duty Strength✔️✔️
Prevents Puddle Build-up✔️✔️✔️
Enhanced UV Resistance✔️
Reduced Water and Chemical Evaporation✔️✔️✔️
Physical Protection✔️✔️✔️✔️
Light Weight✔️
Debris Barrier✔️✔️✔️✔️
Automatic Water Management✔️
Minimal Algae Growth✔️✔️✔️
Blocks Sunlight✔️✔️✔️✔️


Choosing the right pool cover is not just about purchasing a barrier for your pool; it’s about investing in its longevity, ease of maintenance, and the overall enjoyment it brings you and your loved ones.

We hope this guide has helped you make this decision easier by providing the necessary information about each cover.

Remember, selecting the perfect cover for your pool isn’t simply about picking the one with the most attractive features.

It’s crucial to consider the specific needs and characteristics of your pool.

Making an informed decision that ensures your pool’s longevity and health ensures your pool’s safety and enhances your overall pool ownership experience.

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